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Great Movie Ride Scenes

Scene Description
Footlight Parade

The first scene in the Great Movie Ride depicts a scene from Footlight Parade(1933 starring James Cagney). The scene features a pyramid of women with bubbles coming down from the ceiling.
Singing In The Rain

The next scene depicts a scene from Singing in the Rain (1952 starring Gene Kelley).  In the scene, Gene Kelly is hanging from a light pole singing in the rain.
Mary Poppins

In the scene of Mary Poppins(1964 starring Julie Andrews), you ride through the rooftops of London as Mary Poppins and friends sing "Chim Chimney Chim Chimney."
The Underworld

The Underworld scene depicts such films as The Public Enemy (1931 starring James Cagney) & Little Caesar (1931 starring Edward G. Robinson). It goes on to show one of the possible hijack scenes in an alley where gangsters have a shootout with the rival gangsters.
Western Scene This scene depicts two films, The Searchers (1956) with a John Wayne audio-animatronic on horseback and Clint Eastwood lighting a cigarette.
Western Robbery Guests are caught in the middle of a bank robbery, the bandit blows up the bank then makes his/her escape in the vehicle.

This scene shows a scene from the movie Alien (1979 starring Sigourney Weaver) where the ship is about to self destruct with Weaver's character trying to escape from the Alien that is somewhere on the ship.
Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford can be found in this scene, re-enacting Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981 starring Harrison Ford).  In it, Indiana Jones is retrieving the Ark of the Covenant that is inside a buried Egyptian pyramid. Around him are snakes and other Egyptian artifacts.
Anubis/Lost Temple Hijacking Character goes after a cursed jewel, the character dies in not obeying the warning and curse.
The Horror Movies

Following the eery feeling of the Egpytian pyramid is an equally eery scene that showcases classic horror movies that were made mostly in the 1930's and 1940's with mummy themed treasure rooms.

This Tarzan scene refers to the film Tarzan and his mate (1934 starring Johnny Weissmuller). Jane sits atop Tumba and says random things to Tarzan, who swings on a vine opposite her.

This famous good-bye scene from Casablanca (1942 starring Humphrey Bogart) features Bogart giving his famous speech to Ingrid Bergman with the airplane in the background.
Fantasia This is the smallest scene and features just a screen on a wall playing a loop from a scene of Fantasia.(1940 starring Mickey Mouse).
The Wizard of Oz

This is the best developed scene and is seperated into two parts from the movie, The Wizard of Oz(1939 starring Judy Gardland). The first part showcases the Munchkin village and the Munchkins sing to you and then are interrupted by the Wicked Witch of the West and then sing some more.  The second scene shows Dorothy and friends standing on the Yellow Brick road, looking out to Oz.
Finale In the finale, a video is shown on a large overhead screen with scenes from a number of famous films, both old and new.