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Walt Disney World Java

Friday, March 30, 2012

You’re at Walt Disney World and your wake-up call is set for 6:30AM.  That’s early and you know you’ll need a quick “pick me up” when your phone rings.  The problem is that “pick me up” needs to be of quality and enjoyment.  Coffee is our best option, but unfortunately the coffee Walt Disney World serves you isn’t the best.  It’s been a thorn in guest’s side for quite some time.  First time visitors to Walt Disney World who enjoy a good cup of morning Joe won’t make the same mistake twice.  They’ll bring their own coffee next time or seek out other possible locations on property where a different coffee brand can be found. 

Let’s take a quick ride back in our time machine to November of 1992.  That’s the time when Walt Disney World’s coffee would never be the same.  It’s when Disney signed a multstrategic alliance with the Nestle Corporation for attraction sponsorship and food & beverage supplies.  Included in this agreement was coffee, hot chocolate, and tea.  Going forward we’d be blessed with the coffee concentrate (a thick syrup mixed with hot water) we know as Nescafe.  All you need to do is dispense some of this coffee in a Disney provided hot beverage cup and you’ll notice right away that quality cup of coffee you were expecting left the room before you could even say “good morning”.  Not even a heavy dose of cream and sugar can hide the flavor provided by a cup of Nescafe coffee. 

Now that we’ve covered the bad news for coffee drinkers who visit Walt Disney World let’s turn our sites to a bit of good news.  Yes, there is hope!  A decent cup of “java hot” can be found on Walt Disney World property.  Coffee fans rejoice and cheer!  Just be warned you may have to go out of your way a bit to enjoy a good cup of coffee.  But, if you’re like me and you need that morning jolt to get you started in the morning you probably won’t mind jumping on a boat, monorail, motor coach, or even walking a few extra steps to enjoy your morning coffee ritual.  For me personally, a good cup of morning coffee is important.  Without it I’m like a zombie in the Michael Jackson Thriller video.  Here are my top 5 places on Walt Disney World property to enjoy a good cup of coffee.  Part of my top 5 takes into consideration your surroundings as that can add to your overall coffee enjoyment. 

Number 5 – The Main St. Bakery - Magic Kingdom

Okay, okay, allow me a pass here.  I know the bakery serves Nescafe coffee (and other specialty coffees); however, what better setting to enjoy a cup of morning coffee than outside of Main St. USA listening to Main St. Dancers, or the sound of the Magic Kingdom Railroad and Main St. Trolley.  As you sit back and think about your day ahead in the Magic Kingdom the thought of a good cup of java won’t seem as important.  Add-in a great selection of morning pastries and somehow that crummy cup of Nescafe coffee doesn’t taste so bad.

Number 4 – Writer’s Stop & Starring Rolls – Disney’s Hollywood Studios

I always wondered why the coffee didn’t taste so bad at these two sweet spots in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  After asking a few questions I found out that both of these locations roast their beans onsite creating a fresher cup of morning sunshine for guests.  As you walk up Hollywood Blvd. you have a choice to make; do you want a carrot cake cookie from the Writer’s Stop or a mammoth muffin from Starring Rolls Bakery to enjoy with your coffee.

Number 3 – Your savanna view room at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas

I can’t honestly recall what brand of coffee the in-room coffee service provides guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas, but I do know it isn’t bad.  Just sit back for a second, close your eyes and picture yourself on your balcony at this resort looking over a man-made savanna in the middle of Central Florida.  I can’t think of a better setting watching giraffes and zebras eating their breakfast while you enjoy your morning cup of coffee and breakfast with them. 

Number 2 – The Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resorts 

If coffee is important to you then I’m sure a cup of Starbucks branded coffee is high on your list.  The Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin resort does provide a few outlets for guests to enjoy Starbucks coffee.  For me personally, if I’m in the Boardwalk area and need a morning cup of sunshine I’m walking over to the Swan & Dolphin to love me some Starbucks.  It may mean a few extra steps, but its well worth it. 

Number 1 – The Kona Island Café Coffee Bar – Disney’s Polynesian Resort

There isn’t much I dislike about Disney’s Polynesian Resort.  Now my favorite coffee on Disney property is located there.  Over at the Kona Island coffee bar located on the 2nd floor of the Great Ceremonial House you’ll find a great cup of Kona Blend coffee (my personal favorite coffee).  I can’t help but jump on the resort monorail in the morning if we’re headed to the Magic Kingdom and stop at the Polynesian Resort for a cup of Kona coffee.  This coffee bar is steps away from the monorail and provides a wonderful Polynesian setting to enjoy your morning Kona blend coffee.  Aloha and Mahalo!

Honorable Mention – Here are a few other coffee spots you may enjoy that are worth noting.

World Showcase - EPCOT – Various dining outlets and kiosks in the back half of EPCOT serve Joffrey’s Coffee.  Make sure to ask the Cast Member what brand is served before ordering. 

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge – Jambo House – Boma & Jiko Restaurants – Both of these popular restaurants serve a French press pot of coffee that can, at times, “knock your socks off”.  It is rather strong, but a good cup of coffee nonetheless to enjoy with your breakfast or dinner. 

Hess Gas Stations - The last time I checked both Hess gas stations on Disney World property served Dunkin Donuts coffee.  If you have a rental car and DD is your thing grabbing a cup of coffee at the Hess gas station is a great option. 

The Boardwalk Bakery - Great scenery just outside of this bakery with a fantastic view of Crescent Lake. 


For those of you who are not big fans of coffee, or even hot chocolate, tea, or other caffeinated beverages the coffee at Disney World is probably no big deal to you.  But, for the majority of coffee drinkers who find it a morning ritual to enjoy a good cup of morning Joe Nescafe just doesn’t cut it.  Thank goodness there are other options on property even though they maybe few and far between.  If these alternative options didn’t exist the need for a rental car would be at a much higher premium. 

Where in Walt Disney World do you like to purchase or enjoy your cup of coffee?  Do you have a favorite place you like to visit while consuming that morning cup of sunshine?  Please share your comments below or on our official Studios Central Facebook page

There are times, especially during the hot and humid summer months when a cup of good coffee doesn’t sound very appealing.  But, for some of us regardless of the temperature we need that morning pick-up.  We need that shot of adrenaline to get us going in the morning, especially when we have a full day of theme park touring ahead of us.  Just remember one cup should suffice.  Anymore than that could result in the morning or afternoon jitters and there’s nothing worse than jittering in a long theme park line. 

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