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Tower of Terror landscaping

Later this month, we will celebrate the birthday of the best attraction in all of Walt Disney World, the Tower of Terror, and to help celebrate, we're going to feature a number of articles dedicated to the Tower of Terror starting with this week's Why It's There column.

One of my favorite aspects of the Tower of Terror are the grounds outside the hotel.  Disney Imagineers really took their time getting the look right because the fictional Hollywood Tower Hotel is supposed to be located in Hollywood, California.   

The landscaping of the Tower of Terror is meant to remind guests of the chaparral-covered hills of Griffith and Elysian Parks located in Los Angeles, California.  Charparral, or sometimes called shrubland or brush, is commonly found in California

Griffith Park hills

Elysian Park hills

The Tower of Terror sits on a little hill and the inclusion of this small detail, helps the overall story Imagineers are telling you.  Before you even step foot into the ride's queue, they want to establish the idea that you're in southern California and the landscaping is the first part of that story.

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Ever seen something in Hollywood Studios and wondered why it was placed there by Disney's Imagineers? Matt Hochberg leads you on a regular look at the hidden details in Hollywood Studios and explains why it's there.


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