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What you should be doing to plan for Star Wars Weekends in April

Star Wars Weekends is about six weeks away and it's still barely April, but if you have plans to attend Star Wars Weekends this year, then there are definitely a few things you can start doing to be prepared for this annual galactic event.  One mantra of touring Disney's Hollywood Studios I have is to never waste time in the park deciding on what to do.  By doing as much as you can before your trip, you will avoid wasting time in the park figuring out what's next.  

It's still too early to plan everything out, but even in April, there's still a few things you can do to get ready for Star Wars Weekends 2013.

Book dining reservations before everything books up

Sit down restaurants in Walt Disney World are notorious for booking up months in advance and during Star Wars Weekends, you will find it difficult to be able to eat at a sit down restaurant without a reservation.  Sit down restaurants are even more enticing an option during Star Wars Weekends because of the oppresive heat Florida is known for in late May, so the notion of sitting down in air conditioning for an hour to enjoy a meal will sound real good to you once you are down there.

Booking your reservations now will help secure a spot for a relaxing lunch to get out of the elements for a little bit. If you are wondering when to make a dining reservation, I would recommend an early lunch if it's available, around 11am and then have an early dinner later, to avoid the crowds.  Otherwise, you should try for something right after the Star Wars parade, which usually is over by 1pm or so.

Start looking at Star Wars Weekends merchandise that interests you

We do not have the full list of merchandise quite yet, but it's a smart bet to look at the list of Star Wars Weekends merchandise that Disney has already released and get an idea of what you may be interested in purchasing.  The limited edition merchandise is what sells out quickly, while the mass produced Star Wars Weekends merchandise usually is available most weekends.

The reality is there is a lot of merchandise available and when you step foot in the Star Wars Weekends merchandise tent (usually in the Rock 'n Roller Coaster parking lot), it is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of things you can buy.  You can help yourself out by not wasting as much time browsing if you already have a good idea of what to expect.

Look at last year's schedule of events

Disney likely will not release the schedule of events for Star Wars Weekends any earlier than a week or so before the first weekend, but the reality is their schedule of events does not vary all that much from year to year.  Looking at the 2012 schedules will give you a really good idea of what to expect from an event planning point of view.  

There is a lot to see and do during Star Wars Weekends so when you are trying to figure it all out, I recommend looking at last year's schedule to see what times events were and use that as a basis of figuring out how your day will flow.  A schedule of events not only tells you when shows will be occuring but it also gives you an idea of when there will be breaks for meals, non-Star Wars Weekends attractions or just relaxing.

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