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SWW Withdrawal Support Group

Friday, June 05, 2009

 My name is Jennifer, and I’m in withdrawal.

How about you? Can’t get to Star Wars Weekends this year? Or perhaps you’ve already been this year? Even if you’re planning to attend the last of this year’s weekends, sooner or later you’ll be in my shoes: Suffering through Star Wars Weekends withdrawal.

It’s not a pretty thing, really. Sure, I can calm myself for a few hours here and there by cruising YouTube for Star Wars mash-ups, and Lord knows my blogreader brings me plenty of geeky Star Wars goodness on a near-daily basis. I could even drag out the Star Wars Trivial Pursuit for a rousing game with the boy, just like we played together to prep him for last year’s Jedi Mind Challenge. But it’s a far cry from skipping down Commissary Lane looking for that Jawa who’ll trade you a Disney Vacation Club for a shiny new penny.

I had actually kept Star Wars Weekends a secret from my son for a number of years. I don’t mean I was planning a secret trip….I mean I went to great lengths to make sure he didn’t know that the event existed. We’re both Disney geeks, we both love Star Wars, so what’s not to like? Well, the dates didn’t work right with the school calendar most years, plus there are really only so many Disney vacations I can squeeze into the family budget.

Somehow, though, he ended up catching a glimpse of a Star Wars Weekends article in the Mickey Monitor newsletter for Walt Disney World Annual Passholders. And sure enough, he was appalled that he’d never known. But magically enough, the calendar lined up just right for the next year’s Star Wars Weekends, and I pulled together the frequent flier miles and hotel points to make it happen.

So what is it about Star Wars Weekends that I’m jonesing for so badly this year? Surely it can’t be that I really need another DVC sticker from that Jawa. It’s not the simple need for time with Star Wars characters, because if that were the case I’d feel more reassured by my plans this summer to attend ConnectiCon, where there’s never a shortage of Stormtroopers. Last week I even spotted a kitty-eared Scout Trooper at Anime Boston.

And it’s not just the urge to get back to a Disney Park; if that were the case, I’d feel more reassured by my plans to visit Disneyland Paris this summer (though honestly, the Parisian version of the Studios park pales in comparison to Orlando’s).

There’s just something super-cool about the Disney/Star Wars mash-up that is Star Wars Weekends. I mean c’mon, Donald Duck dressed as a stormtrooper? Warwick Davis wearing Mickey ears and singing the Mickey Mouse Club theme song? And yes, the fabulously tacky Hyperspace Hoopla, with Chewbacca shaking his best groove thing?

There’s just no substitute for that. No methadone for me.

Thanks for listening.