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Snow White and Pluto

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

 For those of us who can't make it to Walt Disney World as often as we'd like (read: every day!), we often find ourselves looking for outlets to get a "Disney World fix" and part of that way is to see photos taken from the park recently.  We already have the Studios Update column here, which showcases what's new at Hollywood Studios, but there is a lot of fun in simply enjoying photos taken at Hollywood Studios by someone else to simply enjoy.  

The purpose of this column is to showcase a few photos from people's trips to Hollywood Studios.  Often, regular park guests come up with some fun and unique photos on their trips and it makes sense to share it with everyone here.  If you'd like your photo to be a part of of this column, send it to us!

Picture 791

"Dopey and Snow White" - By newenglandcamper

The topiaries at the Studios are quite nice and an undervalued part of the park, I feel.  I know when I walk by the each week, there is always a few people either taking photos of them or photos with them and it's a testament to their unique creativity.

Patty's Pluto

"Pluto" - By newenglandcamper

It's been quoted that Walt Disney loved the parks the most at the night time and the parks certainly shine (pardon the pun) when the sun goes down.  This is a great shot of Pluto, which is on Hollywood Boulevard and modeled after a real veterinary building in Los Angeles. It's a great shot the animated sign and came out great.

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