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Shooting From New Perspectives

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hey guys! Cory from Disney Photography Blog here. For today's Darkroom post, I wanted to share a neat photo tip that can help breathe new life into a shot you may have taken over and over again.

Take this shot of the Tower or Terror. Now, I know that we've all taken hundreds or thousands of shots of this building from right down Sunset Blvd. And we should take that shot, as it was the way the Imagineers meant for it to be seen. But sometimes, a new perspective on things can be really cool. So for this shot, I composed over by the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, and put on a relatively long lens. This lens renders photos at 135mm, which is pretty tight and well into the telephoto category. For those using a point and shoot, this would be significantly zoomed in, if not as far as you can go. By choosing this spot and focal length, there is a cool amount of compression between the trees, Dinosaur Gertie's tail, and the Tower of Terror. The trees also create a nice natural frame for the tower, which is a cool photography element. 

Well, I hope this is something you all take with you into the Studios the next time you're there. Look for different perspectives, and challenge your eye to make something new and great. For some in depth talk about how I processed this image to get the exposure, colors, and tones just how I like them, make sure to check out Disney Photography Blog today. Thanks for reading!!

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