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Readers photos of Pixar Place

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hello readers of Studios Central, we are glad to be back with another edition of The Darkroom this week. Last week we asked you to send in photos of Pixar Place and we received some great photos.  I will get to those in just a minute, first I want to showcase a photo that Cory Disbrow from WDW Photography took just a few weeks ago.

Cory Disbrow Pixar Place

Today on WDW Photography, Cory has detailed the steps taken to create this photo. We hope you will read the article when you are done here and learn what process is involved in creating the "ghosts". For a quick version, that is three different photos taken on a tripod that Cory then merged together using software. It is a pretty cool technique and something you can do using your point and shoot camera.

Now onto the reader photos that you submitted over the last week:

Andrew Poole:



Jarama Lateef:

Steve Gray:

Tony Rice:

Thank you again for all the great submissions. If you have ideas for the next photo subject, let us know in the comments below. We will be asking for your photos again in just a few weeks.

One last thing I want to speak about in today's column. Cory and myself worked with Tom Bricker to create a Fireworks Photography eBook that is now on sale. If you have ever been interested in learning how to photograph fireworks at Disney or elsewhere, this book should teach you. It is over fifty pages and includes over twenty amazing photos. It covers techniques for both point and shoot cameras along with DSLR. Feedback has been tremendous so far (including from Matt here at Studios Central!) and we hope you will take a look. Visit: www.HowToPhotographFireworks.com

Cory will be back next week showcasing photos from Star Tours 2!

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