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Pan Pacific Abstract

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hey guys! Cory here with this week's Darkroom article. Before we get started, I wanted to let you know about something we have on Disney Photography Blog today. We recently started a photo contest and today we're going to open voting for the photos that were submitted. If you would like to see the photos that were submitted and vote for your favorite, then please visit Disney Photography Blog and vote on your favorite photo, we would really appreciate it!

Now lets get into this weeks Darkroom column from Hollywood Studios.

One of my favorite parts of shooting at Hollywood Studios is how cool all the architecture is. The detail to all of it is stunning, and there are so many cool lines and shapes that go along with the style of the park.

Take this shot for example:

This was taken on the inside of the Pan Pacific entrance gates to Disney's Hollywood Studios. These gates really set up the theme for Hollywood Blvd. and make for some great photo opportunities. The converging lines and juxtaposition of hard edges and round corners make for really cool abstract compositions like this one.

For this composition, I made a point of having the two long straight lines cross the bottom of the frame and meet in the middle, right where the round corners rise vertically through the frame. I know that abstract photography is a little odd, but when it's done right can be very effective and can have someone staring at your photo for quite some time. If you are a fan of abstract photography or just interested in trying your hand at it, there is no better Disney park than Hollywood Studios. When walking down Hollywood or Sunset, look up at the different store and signs and you will find abstract compsitions all around you.

Hope you guys enjoyed this one, and can maybe think outside the box a little bit the next time you're at the Studios and find some cool abstracts!

Looking ahead to next week's Darkroom column

Next week we will announce the subject for our next Reader Photo article, where we give you a subject from Hollywood Studios and have you send in your photos to be published on Studios Central. We want to know what subject you want this next series to be, so let us know in the comments below. We will check the comments and take into consideration any ideas you guys have.

Then check back next week here on The Darkroom and be ready to send in your photos!

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