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The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow at Disney's Hollywood Studios recently opened up for previews prior to its official grand opening on December 6th.  Today, we have a fun look at how the impressive wall mural outside the attraction was painted.

The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow officially opens on December 6, 2012 and offers an immersive tour through the Pirates of the Caribbean films.  You can also check out our full review of this new attraction.


by Matt in Fireworks, Video - Comments

Here's a recording from last night's July Fourth fireworks at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Apologies about the sound quality but the fireworks are still beautiful to view.


DId you know on the Great Movie Ride that you can also be hijacked in the cowboy scene?  In recent years this has been a little more rare than the gangster hijacking but it's still very possible to see the cowboy (or cowgirl) takeover your ride.

Did you know that in the Great Movie Ride the cowboy/cowgirl is referred to as "bandit" by the Cast Members.


DisneyParks have posted a short video featuring illusionist David Copperfield on Sunset Boulevard showing off a simple magic trick you can try at home to astound your friends.


by Matt in Video - Comments

I'm a sucker for watching old commercials for Walt Disney World and some of the early commercials for the Disney-MGM Studios really resonate with me because of the memories they bring back.  Join me for a look back at some classic commercials for the Studios, as found on the Interwebs!


You may remember an attraction from the Disney-MGM Studios called Superstar Television.  If you do or don't, you can take a few minutes and watch this remarkable good quality video of a typical show.  Kudos to whomever uploaded this!


There's some new streetmosphere in Hollywood Studios to check out starting today.  The new "modern day film crew" is a group of street performers similar to the Citizens of Hollywood, except they are based on the Streets of America and are not set in the 1940s.  These performers are set in the modern day and here's a video of their first bit.

So what do you think? Are you excited to see this new group of street theater performed on your next trip?


We posted our video recording of Pixar Pals Countdown To Fun! that our very own blogger Shane took but lots of other Disney fans were at Hollywood Studios taking their own videos so we decided to showcase some of the videos of the parade's premiere we ran across.

Attractions Magazine

Inside the Magic...


On New Year's Day 2011, one of my favorite parts of Disney's Hollywood Studios came to a close. Block Party Bash ran for almost three years after transferring from Disney's California Adventure park on the West Coast to Walt Disney World over the Winter of 2008.

Normally I wouldn't be caught dead at a parade. For me, parades and fireworks were always a good time to hit attractions while everyone else had stopped to wave at the Fab Five. But Block Party Bash was different for me. For those who know me, it could always be the fact that the parade was preceded by *MY* favorite characters: The Citizens of Hollywood, performing a pre-parade radio show all down Hollywood Boulevard. But I think what always drew me in every time was it's...

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