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by Matt in Staff - Comments

Welcome to the Studios Central Blog! The goal of this blog is to provide another avenue of keeping you up to date with what's happening inside Disney's Hollywood Studios.  One of the biggest challenges with running this web site is finding the perfect means of delivering information to you, our readers.  This blog will be one way we will keep you up to date.

We still provide news and information throughout our web site as it happens, but this will be a way to provide interesting news and happenings in a timely manner.  We know you want your information quickly and accurately and we've kept that wish in mind with this blog. The staff of Studios Central is ready to keep you informed of what's happening out there.

As much as we try to account for every possibility, this blog is still "in beta" and therefore, may have an issue arise now and then.  If you run into any problems or have any suggestions, please...

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