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"All of Hollywood Studios that's fit to print"
by Matt in Site News - Comments

Can't make it for Star Wars Weekends 2012?  That's no problem because we will be providing live coverage of Star Wars Weekends 2012 including live video, photos, reports and more from inside Disney's Hollywood Studios!

You can always follow Studios Central on Twitter, but you can also follow our live coverage at live.studioscentral.com and keep up with everything happening!

We anticipate live coverage beginning around 7am eastern on Friday, May 18, 2012.

by Matt in Site News - Comments

Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of the opening of Studios Central.com.  Back then, it was MGMStudios.Org but the site has grown a lot in these past ten years and it's literally changed my life as a result.

The first thing I thought of when I reflected on ten years was all the people that helped this site (and me) along the way.  There are too many to list and frankly, I'd be worried that I'd miss someone, but I want to thank everyone that contributed to the site in even the seemingly smallest of ways.  From photo updates to rumors to tweets/text messages that something on the site is broken, I've recieved an incredible amount of support from other Studios fans and it's meant the world to me.  

I also want to thank the people that simply read this site every day.  The wonderful feedback I've recieved from readers on the site or on the message boards or across our social media platforms has been...

by Matt in Site News - Comments

Today marks the ninth anniversary of the opening of Studios Central!  9 years ago today, MGMStudios.org opened with the hope of becoming the online source for everything Studios.  Today, we're closer than ever to realizing that dream.

This past year, I really think the site has grown a lot and we're reaching the most readers in our site's history.  We've added some new columnists and bloggers to the staff and their dedication to writing and sticking to their schedules has been exemplatory and I have no doubt that the success of this site can be attributed to their passion.  To all of our staff, I thank you for another great year of help.

I've always enjoyed the regular readers of this site that frequent our articles, in-park meet ups, blogs and other projects.  It means a lot when you spend hours writing an article or planning something fun and you can see people enjoying it.  Thank you to all of...


I'm so excited to finally be able to share the details on a project I've been working on with our friends at TouringPlans.com for many weeks now.  Today, we pull back the virtual covers and reveal our latest project: StarTours2Live.com!

What is StarTours2Live.com?  It's a joint effort between Studios Central and TouringPlans.com to give you up-to-the-minute information on what's going on at Star Tours.  This isn't just another website that posts news everywhere else you see it. Rather, we are going to have someone in front of Star Tours every day leading up to the opening of Star Tours 2 to give you all the information you need to know about it's opening.

Before attractions open at Walt Disney World, there's always a great sense of amibuity concerning...

by Matt in Awards, Site News - Comments

We are happy to announce that Studios Central has won the Most Unique Disney Site award from the Disney Driven Life Academy Awards earlier this week.  The awards were handed out based on popular vote and Studios Central managed to snag one after fans of the site voted it the most unique Disney site out there.

On behalf of the staff of Studios Central, I want to thank everyone that voted for Studios Central in the awards and it means a lot to know that people out there do enjoy the product we put out each and every day.

In accordance with accepting the award, we put together a little fun video of our "acceptance speech".  We decided to have a little fun with it so I hope you enjoy our brand of juvenile humor.


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