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According to the official Walt Disney World website, the scheduled refurbishments for the Backlot Tour and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure have been extended.

They will now both be closed through November 16, 2012.  Both of these refurbishments will begin on November 1.  No official word on what these refurbishments are for, but given the short nature of the refurbishment duration, it's likely these closures are merely for general maintenance.

Thanks to our friends at StitchKingdom for the update.


After lots of rumors, it is confirmed that there will be no showings of Fantasmic! between January 5 - February 12, 2012.

This appears to be a refurbishment of Fantasmic! and February 13th should see the return of the show.


We already knew that the Backlot Tour was going to close in September 2011 but we now know the exact dates.

The Backlot Tour will close September 4 through 24, 2011 and will reopen on September 25, 2011.

Don't get too excited, the Backlot Tour typically closes for a few weeks each year for routine maintenance.


Anaheim Produce, on Sunset Boulevard, is closed starting today and will reopen on June 25, 2011.


Voyage of the Little Mermaid has been added to the refurbishment calendar and will close temporarily on August 15, 2011 and will be closed until it re-opens on September 4, 2011.

No word on why the closure is happening, but likely it's your typical clean up, repaint and spruce up kind of rehab.

Hat tip to Stich Kingdom for alerting us to this news!


You may have noticed a lot of scaffolding around the Tower of Terror lately and it turns out Disney is repainting the Tower of Terror with a special low volatile organic compound (low VOC) paint, which cuts down on environmental emissions. Standard paint contains volatile organic compounds, which create environmental emissions that can react with other elements to product ozone and cause air pollution.  Low VOC paint significantly reduces environmental emissions that can react with other elements to produce ozone and cause air pollution.

Don Weschler, director of engineering services for Walt Disney World Resort is optimisitc about the new paint job, “Here at Disney, the use of low VOC paint...


The new year kicks off in just a few days and with 2011 right around the corner, it's time to look at what will be new in Hollywood Studios in the coming new year.

Disney Junior – Live on Stage!

A favorite among toddlers, Playhouse Disney - Live on Stage! is set to be replaced by Disney Junior – Live on Stage!.  This is more of an attraction update than a completely new show.  It will remove television shows that are no longer in active development and replace them with some newer shows.  ...


According to our good friend Paul Chadkin, the planned refurbishments of the Backlot Tour and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure refurbishments have been cancelled.

Originally, both attractions were scheduled scheduled to begin January 3, 2011 and run through January 29th.  But Paul reports both refurbishments have been pushed back, with Backlot Tour now looking to close in September of 2011 instead.

It's unknown why the refurbishments have been cancelled/delayed, but it may have to deal with the crowds for the holiday season and concerns about total attraction capacity of...

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