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Tales From The Bench: Melvin Macheezmo joins Hoop Dee Doo

Back in April, I blogged about Bucky Greenhorn leaving to join the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue ( http://www.studioscentral.com/blog/2011/04/15/studios-says-aloha-bucky-greenhorn    .. Bucky G)) I recently had the delightful opportunity to attend a dress rehearsal for another Hoop Dee Doo, to see some new changes to the show and some new faces, including that of Melvin Macheezmo! Now, before you get you knickers in a twist, let me calm you by saying Melvin is not moving in with his best friend Bucky and leaving Hollywood. He will still be roaming Sunset Boulevard, humoring guests and fawning after Miss Paige Turner. Melvin is joining the cast as a "sub" for the role of Six Bits Slokum, meaning he'll be there should Bucky ever get sick or need a break; sort of like Bucky's understudy, or the first runner up of the Miss America Pageant.

But I knew I couldn't leave the performance without giving you a little taste, so above you'll find video of SIx Bits singing Beautiful Dreamer and in competition with his love/hate interest, Dolly Drew, with a cameo by yours truly ;) The full video of the performance will be posted to youtube.com/sdrazzirg later this evening; I'll be sure to link to it here or in the comments. Enjoy!

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