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Best places for a meet in Hollywood Studios

Being involved in the Disney Internet community, you're likely to want to meet up with other fans and friends you may know from the Internet.  The good news is the stigma associated with meeting people online is largely gone and I love to say hi to folks and if you're looking to organize a meet in Disney's Hollywood Studios, here are some great places to meet your future friends.


Here is our criteria for choosing locations for meets.  We think these are important to a being condusive to a good meet and therefore, what we need for each location.

  • Indoors: Weather in Florida is anything but predictable so let's eliminate the possibility of it raining or being too hot/cold.
  • Ample space: There should be plenty of room for people to congregate.
  • Seating available: While everyone doesn't need a chair, it would be nice if most people can sit.
  • Not impacting other guests: No one wants a visit from Disney Security to ask them to leave, so locations should be in an area that doesn't impact other guests negatively.

Our picks

ABC Commissary

The ABC Commissary has lots of seating and is huge.  If you pick an off hours time (after 1pm, before 6pm), you should have plenty of space towards the ends of either seating area to congregate.  

Backlot Express 

The outdoor portion of the restaurant offers seating and is covered from the elements.  It may not be enclosed, but it offers enough space outside to be able to accomodate even larger groups.  Inside, there's less space to contend with but still some options as well.

Sunset Rach Market

For a meet before lunch time (before 11am), the Sunset Ranch Market on Sunset Boulevard is really empty and there's lots of seating.  Yes, it's outdoors but there's lots of shaded seats to be found and it's good for the non-summer months.

Fantasmic Dessert Party

If you have some money laying around, this is the best way to see Fantasmic with some friends and also have something to eat.  Granted it isn't the best seating by any stretch, but if there's a group of you and you want to see Fantasmic!, it's a good option and speaking from personal experience, it's a great venue.  The spot is behind the general seating area, to the right of the snack bars.

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