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A ride into the Sunset...

Before I was "DisneyMommy", my husband and I went on a few Disney vacations by ourselves. Any true Disney fan knows you don't need kids to enjoy the World, right? You remember those trips, don't you? The kind where you can stay in the parks all day and watch all the parades without rushing back in the afternoon for nap time? Or the kind where you can stay out late and enjoy Fastasmic or appreciate the increased fright factor of riding the Hollywood Tower of Terror in the moonlight? But I digress... my husband and I have many great memories of our Walt Disney World (WDW) trips without kids, but one in particular stands out:

It was 2008, during the Year of a Million Dreams campaign. As good little WDW veterans, we always got to the parks (and still do with kids!) for rope drop. As soon as we were allowed through the turnstiles, my husband and I started motoring to secure our spots at the front of the rope. During this vacation, Toy Story Midway Mania opened, and we were determined to beat the mad rush to the ride. We had scurried only a few feet before we were stopped by a very friendly cast member (CM) who informed us that she was selecting us to be the First Family and asked us if we could help them open the park this morning. WOW! My husband and I had had many "dreams" come true during Disney's Year of a Million Dreams campaign, like 2 sets of "Dream Fast Passes", but this one took the cake!

For anyone who has been there in recent years, you will know that during the opening show, there is a film director and his assistant (very funny Disney CMs) who ask for the audience's help in opening the park by saying "Hollywood, Here we come!". Well, at that time, it was the first family who said this line. What a rush to be standing in front of hundreds of people screaming into a microphone (Hmm, maybe I should audition for the American Idol show next trip?!)!

The most magical part followed. I haven't seen them use that antique white car lately in the opening show, but we had the priviledge of standing and riding in it. What many people may not know is that this car actually belonged to Mr. Walt Disney and he used it to drive guests around Disneyland. What an honor! We were driven in this car to a ride of our choice (either Rock N Roller Coaster or Hollywood Tower of Terror) and were going to be the only family to ride the first ride of the day! As we drove off into the Sunset (Boulevard, that is), I looked back at the crowd that followed us, and thought... another wonderful WDW memory completed.






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