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More Star Tours destinations revealed

A recent pin event at Walt Disney World may have revealed more possible destinations for the soon to open Star Tours: The Adventures Continue attraction.  A preview of a new set of pins to be released on May 20th in coordination with the opening of Star Tours 2 gave the public a hint of what's to come.

The new pin set includes scenes depicting the following planets

  • Geonosis
  • Death Star
  • Kashyyyk
  • Hoth
  • Bespin
  • Naboo

There were also pins that had scenes from Tatooine and Coruscant, but both of those planets have been confirmed to be destinations already.  

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue promises to have 54 possible experiences and has been described  as "You will rarely, if ever, see the same show twice. And it's all in 3D."

Hat tip to WDW News Today for the news information.

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