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Muppet Vision 3D

Kermit, Ms. Piggy and the gang star in a new movie format sure to make you laugh.
Attraction In-Depth

MuppetVision is a hilarious take on the Muppets using 3D viewing technology which makes the gags even more enjoyable. Using wacky 3-D action, funny gags and a totally outstanding performance, MuppetVision is a not to be missed show. The indoor queue is often in "meat locker" type conditions, which is sure to help anyone gain some energy back after a long day at the Studios. With the Muppets as your guide through Muppet Labs, you will leave the building bursting with laughter. Even the preshow, entertains with some Muppet Show-like gags as you wait for the previous show to end and for you to be let in. In fact, the preshow is so well done that I'd advise you to stay back if necessary so you can see the entire preshow because it is just that well done. 


MuppetVision 3D is just a phenomenal show, plain and simple. Sure it uses alot of the old gags we're used to in 3-D movies, but using a lot of innuendos and hilarious humor, your bound to rank this as one of the best attractions in the Studios. My favorite part are the hilarious posters that line the outside and inside of the building, that are spoofs on classic movies(Pigs in Space, Frogenstein, etc) and the Swedish Chef (Oooder, booder, shpooder, gooder, nooder!).

Muppetvision 3D used to have FASTPASS but crowd levels have been so tolerable in the past that it was removed. I'd advise getting there well in advance of the next showing to take advantage of the great preshow. It's definitely worth seeing. No preshow comes close to being as good as this. Be wary of large crowds getting out of Indiana Jones as they sometimes move in mobs and swamp Star Tours and MuppetVision temporarily.  All seats are great, so no need to worry about sitting on the end of the last row.

The only age group who may not like this are probably the very young who are scared of sudden noises. The show is very docile, but you may need to consider how your wee one will act. In terms of 3-D effects, there's nothing creepy here like you might find in It's Tough To Be A Bug or Honey, I Shrunk the Audience. It's one of the best 3D films at Walt Disney World and despite being 20 years old, holds up quite well and still manages to get quite a few laughs from those who stop to see it.  Muppetvision 3D is more than just an entertaining film, as it features a very rich queue area which you really ought to check out and explore. Cast Members do not mind if you literally stop and look around the hallways.  There's so much visual stimulation here that you're sure to find lots of great jokes just in the hallways, let alone once you get into the theater to see the film.

Muppet Vision 3D Review
Our Rating (Out of 5):
Pre-show is straight out of what you'd expect to see from the old Muppet Show. Actual show is even more entertaining.
Guest Appeal
This is another attraction that has a broad appeal to everyone. Kid's love the muppets and adults love them too.
Disney World Veteran Rating
One of the best 3D films at Walt Disney World.
Teen Rating
The humor here is better than an Adam Sandler movie.
Lasting Appeal
Not quite like having the Muppets actually there, but the next best thing.
OVERALL RATING(not an average)
Your rating: None Average: 4.8 (8 votes)
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