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Journey into Narnia

Experience the story from the second Narnia film and enjoy scenes from the film in a wonderfully decorated room and see props that were used in the actual film
Attraction In-Depth

Journey into Narnia starts with a word from the film's director and explains the various locations that were chosen for the backdrop for the film as well as commenting on some of the sets and plot details. Following the conclusion of the film, guests enter a recreation of Aslan's How, a ceremonial area that features the stone tablet from the first Narnia film as well as walls and decorations as seen in the Prince Caspian film.

Once inside the area, a film plays on many of the screens around the room that depicts the story of the Prince Caspian film. The film that plays does give away nearly all of the major plot details and those who have not seen the film and wish to avoid spoilers should note that the film's plot is given away for the most part. The film is ideal for those who have seen the film and don't mind a refresher in what happens or for those with no interest in seeing the film or at least those who don't mind having the film "ruined for them".

Following the conslusion of the film, guests enter a small area that has a number of props from the second Narnia film including costumes, weapons, decorations and other props. This self-guided portion of the show allows guests to look at the various props used in the film and even take photos of some of these items that are likely hard to find elsewhere.


Journey into Narnia is a glorified commercial for the film and guests who recall the previous edition of the Narnia attraction that was in the same location will be in for a far different experience with the current rendition. There is no live action acting and no interesting special effects from the first film's attraction. The highlight of the attraction is Aslan's How, where a neat fire effect fills the room and the video plays. Fans of the film will really enjoy seeing a quick recap of the film's events.

I really feel that Disney should have warned guests before going into this attraction that major plot details of the film are revealed. This is no teaser trailer, but rather, major plots from the film are revealed and then shown how they are resolved and those who wanted to see the film without it being spoiled may be dissapointed. The attraction is a nice hommage to the film, albeit it is basically a commercial. Fans of the Narnia films ought to stop by to take in the whole feel of Narnia but those who don't care for the Narnia films (as well as those who have not seen the second film yet) ought to skip it.

Additionally, there is no need to wait a long time for this attraction so if a long line is present, return later as likely the line is temporary. If you're someone who is wondering if it's worth the time to stop and see it, I'm going to bet you are someone who shouldn't. This is a commercial and really appeals most to fans of the films just like the High School Musical Pep Rally really appeals to the tweens that enjoyed the films.

Please note that the Prince Caspian meet-n-greet has been removed as of January 9th, 2010.

Journey into Narnia Review
Our Rating (Out of 5):
This is as elaborate as a glorified movie trailer gets
Guest Appeal
Fans of the film will enjoy the rich attention to detail while others will likely have little interest beyond the aesthetics
Disney World Veteran Rating
Since the shelf life of this attraction is likely not that long, veterans know this wont be one of the more storied Disney World attractions
Teen Rating
As is with any guest, fans of the film will love it
Lasting Appeal
A nice tribute to the film but if you've seen it once, that will likely be enough for you until the next film is placed in this location.
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Your rating: None Average: 3 (3 votes)
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