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If you've ever wanted to live out scenes from your favorite movies, this is the place! The Great Movie Ride will transport you through the most famous scenes of the the most famous movies. Say goodbye one last time to Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca or ride in the West with John Wayne or rescue artifacts in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Attraction In-Depth

The Great Movie Ride uses the magic of Disney Audio-Animatronics to give you the chance to be a living witness to your favorite scenes from some of Hollywood's classic films. Set in the famous Hollywood Chinese Theater, you enter a treasure trove of Hollywood icons. After waiting in the queue area, where your entertained by memorabilia from some famous movies and trailers for some other classics, you are seated in "large moving seating" you are whisked away to experience them aboard the Great Movie Ride. Included on the tour is “Alien,” “Casablanca,” "Mary Poppins," "Tarzan," “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” and “The Wizard of Oz”, among others. Part of the Great Movie Ride includes a live action scene among the Audio-Animatronics and is quite interesting. For those who hate being dropped, rolled, scared, or shot at, the Great Movie Ride is the most docile of any moving Disney ride not on water.


Because of its central location, and large, inviting building, The Great Movie Ride has the "Spaceship Earth effect" in that people are drawn to go on it purely because its one of the first rides they see(assuming they never look down Sunset Avenue). However, like Spaceship Earth, it suffers from being a "snooze cruise", meaning after you've ridden it two or three times, it may not be quite as intriguing as it was the first time around. Everything is repeated so for those who are repeat visitors, they will be somewhat bored, however you may want to look and pay special attention to some overlooked items on the ride or pick out the Hidden Mickeys that can be found here.

The best way to look at it is its a good chance to relax and get some rest. The Great Movie Ride queue line suffers from A LOT of rubbernecking and expect to sit in one place for 5 minutes, then walk 30 yards, and wait another 5 minutes. It's not perfect, but when you look at it in retrospect, it does move the line fairly well. The best seats on the Great Movie Ride are on the driver's left hand side in the first 3 rows or so. I would advise against sitting towards the back of the attraction as those in the back tend to be half a scene behind what the driver is describing. My only gripe is they take too much time loading guests, thus enlarging the gap between people being loaded.

All in all, a fun little ride that Grandma, little Joey and all the family can enjoy. The actual ride is comprised of several scenes from different films involving Disney audio-animatronics. If you've seen audio-animatronics before, you won't be totally blow out of your seats, but it's interesting. Without wrecking ride plots, the Cast Member "involvement" is a nice touch. There have been rumors for years that the scenes will be updated with new films, however no such updates have occurred since the ride opened.

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Great Movie Ride Review
Our Rating (Out of 5):
The building itself is beatiful and inside it only gets better. The attention to detail is superb
Guest Appeal
It's the first attraction you see when you enter the park(unless you've had your eyes glued on the Tower of Terror since the parking lot) and that means lots of people who head there first. Fit for the whole family.
Disney World Veteran Rating
This is no Spaceship Earth or Haunted Mansion but it is a great piece of Disneyana.
Teen Rating
Teens won't find the attraction that interesting aside from the Indiana Jones and possibly the Aliens scenes. Expect a few yawns.
Lasting Appeal
This has been around since the opening of the park and has recieved very small updates but nothing major. It's overshadowed by the Tower of Terror and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster.
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Your rating: None Average: 4.8 (14 votes)
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