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Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade

Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade is a parade featuring Disney characters in classic cars as they make their way through the Studios in Hollywood glamour
Attraction In-Depth

Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade starts from the entrance of the Studios, goes up Hollywood Boulevard, hangs a right just before the Sorcerer's Hat, continues down in front of Echo Lake and ending near Star Tours. The parade's floats feature characters from newer Disney movies, including Mulan, Hercules and Toy Story. In addition, there is Mickey & friends, Star Wars and few others. To continue the "old Hollywood" feel, the characters are transported in vintage cars.


A great parade, Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade is colorful, lively and entertaining. Due to its location, it tends to bring pedestrian traffic to a halt in the area, so if you get stuck, your better off just waiting and watching. It's a great treat for anyone and is fairly good. Good vantage points are anywhere near Echo Lake, including the steps to Sounds Dangerous or near Indiana Jones.


Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade Review
Our Rating (Out of 5):
Another great Disney World parade. Decorated floats, family favorite characters and great music
Guest Appeal
While not the best Disney parade ever, it's still a great show
Disney World Veteran Rating
Depending on your opinion of daytime parades, this is a hit or miss
Teen Rating
Older teens may not find interest but music is catchy
Lasting Appeal
Like most afternoon parades, good music, good show but not a must-see every time
OVERALL RATING(not an average)
Your rating: None Average: 4 (3 votes)
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